Great OPM songs of 2019

The best 2019 songs by Filipino artists IN MY OPINION

How’s your 2020 so far, everyone? Well, mine is just happening so fast. There are a lot of good and nerve-wracking things that have been falling on my lap lately. Let’s hope we’ll continue to survive throughout the year (especially with all of these natural disasters and political turmoil going on around the world).

By the way, my year-end lists were already done, but I still want to do this post since I’m aware that there weren’t a lot of OPM songs on my Favorite 2019 singles post. Filipino music was great last year, and there are a lot of songs that need to be in everyone’s attention.

So before we get to the new projects of the 2020s, I’m sharing my 21 (+4 to make them 25 where I’ll show later) favorite OPM songs of 2019 in alphabetical order. Some of them were already in my previous list, and most of them were on my drafts when I was boiling it from 100 singles. I just thought it would be nice to share this to you in a form of recommendation in case you missed some of these songs. I’m putting one track per artists for variety, so you can check out their other works.

Without further ado, here are the songs!

Because – Direk

Ben&Ben – Masyado Pang Maaga

The Bloomfields – Tutut

Clara Benin – I Rose Up Slowly

ena mori – Break

half-lit, b.p. valenzuela – cruising on a wavelength

Ian Penn – A Love Like Yours

Kamara – Makalimutin

Kolateral – Boy

Mazerboy – Artificial Dreams

MNL48 – Ikaw Ang Melody

Munimuni – Bawat Piyesa

(I know there were technically no 2019 singles by Munimuni [Kalachuchi and Oras initially came out in 2018], but I still want to give them a nod for this one. It’s my personal fave on the album.)

No Rome – Cashmoney

Oh, Flamingo! – Four Corners

Orange & Lemons – Ikaw Ang Aking Tahanan

Ourselves the Elves – Shellfish

Shanti Dope – Amatz

Skusta Clee – Zebbiana

syd hartha – paruparo

Tanya Markova – Stranded

Unique Salonga – Lamang Lupa

Also shout out to the Pop Machine project where various artists were performing their own renditions of the hit songs of Eraserheads. They were so goooood. Here’s my top four:

Reese Lansangan – Huwag Kang Matakot

Munimuni – Minsan

Ciudad – Tindahan ni Aling Nena

Oh, Flamingo! – Julie Tearjerky (this one is my favorite among the four covers)

What are your favorite OPM songs of 2019?

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